A blepharoplasty can completely transform the region around the eyes. This procedure is most often desired for its aesthetically pleasing outcome, but it also serves a purpose to those with excess skin that hinders their vision. Mr Giovanni, renowned consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon, demonstrates how this procedure achieves natural-looking results using his own examples.

What is a blepharoplasty?

The blepharoplasty is one of the most common operations in cosmetic surgery. The aim of this procedure is to remove the excess of skin from the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid or both. Also, if there are eye bags present, they are treated at the same time.

Why do people opt for a blepharoplasty?

People undergo the blepharoplasty procedure because excess of skin on the upper eyelid (and sometimes the lower eyelid) can result in functional problems of the eye. However, the procedure is most often performed purely for cosmetic reasons: the appearance after the operation is a younger and fresher look.

What considerations should be taken before the procedure?

Before the operation, the surgeon has to consider the entire face while focusing on the area around the eyes: the position of the eyebrows, the elasticity of the lower eyelid, the asymmetry and the shape of the eyes.

How is it performed?

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation and it takes less than one hour to do the upper eyelid. The same goes for the lower eyelid.

How long until results show and are results permanent?

The result is permanent but, obviously, we cannot halt the ageing process

Are there alternative treatments that offer similar results?

There are no alternative treatments that offer a similar result.  No treatments can remove either an excess of skin or remove the bags.

More before and after examples:

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