Interviewer: Mr Ferrando, thank you for your time today. In your opinion what are the important things someone should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon?

Mr Ferrando: I think the first most important criteria has to be the surgeons’ preparation and background.

You can choose a general aesthetic practitioner for small procedures (such as Botox / filler etc), but, please, ask what kind of preparation, knowledge and experience he or she has in this area. Participating in an aesthetics training course for two or three days is not sufficient! Obviously Plastic Surgeons have more knowledge than other Doctors or aesthetic practitioners when it comes to these types of procedures. 

One must certainly choose a Plastic Surgeon when it comes to more complex surgical procedures. This is because he/she has the preparation and has studied many years to perform this kind of operations.

The experience of a Surgeon is of course very important, and it makes the difference.  You can see that from his/her results.

Interviewer: So, the importance of researching who will perform the surgery is paramount. What would you consider to be your strengths and why should a patient consider you when choosing a plastic surgeon?

Mr Ferrando: I would consider myself to be a very precise surgeon almost painstakingly so if I may say so. This can be seen in my patient’s results especially after more complex operations that require more ability to perform. I would also say that I possess a passion for taste and have appreciation for the pursuit of excellence and beauty!

Interviewer: Mr Ferrando what drives and motivates you in your profession? What are your goals long term?

Mr Ferrando: what drives me forward is the great satisfaction I receive from seeing my patients so happy with the results I have managed to obtain for them. Continuous research and continuous effort to give it my all at all costs without settling for anything mediocre is what differentiates someone carrying out this profession with real passion or not. 

Interviewer: How do you value the relationship between you and your patients?

Mr Ferrando: I believe this to be the most important thing of all. Firstly, I need to fully understand exactly what my patient desires and then without exaggerating or going for a result that is both unachievable and unnatural will follow the patients’ desire whilst still maintaining harmony and natural results. 

Interviewer: What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

Mr Ferrando: A patient seeing their results that is so happy they are filled with emotion. That’s what gives me the most satisfaction of all.  To correct an imperfection even if small but that matters to the patient or creates issues for them in some way is something that can change their lives. The plastic surgeon that believes in his work must feel this sense of responsibility. If the surgeon doesn’t understand this, he hasn’t understood his position properly. A French plastic surgery from the previous century described his job as “la chirurgie de l’ame”, “surgery of the soul”. 

Interviewer: What impact in your view is the current climate having on plastic surgery in general?

Mr Ferrando: I believe that at this present moment in time we all need somehow to believe that soon it will all pass and that things will be better than before. Looking after oneself and being healthy is more important now more than ever. This can give us the boost to keep moving forward in a positive direction and can be more powerful than an antidepressant. 

Interviewer: What are your recommendations on how to stay safe in these challenging times?

Mr Ferrando: we all need to follow the rules and guidance that the scientific bodies are giving us and that the politicians are taking onboard issuing   governmental guidance and regulations and sometimes sanctions that we all must follow to make sure we get the numbers down. If we follow the rules we will get out of this faster!!