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Barcode Lip Lines

The ‘barcode’ lines, also formally known ‘perioral’ lip lines, (‘peri’ means ‘around’ and ‘oral’ means ‘relating to the mouth’), are the thin, fine vertical lines that run perpendicularly to the upper lip, in the peribuccal area. These lip lines are also called ‘smoker’s lines’, and smokers are more prone to develop them due to the muscle movement when smoking.

How to treat Barcode Lip Lines

Dr. Ferrando would normally treat them by injecting hyaluronic acid in one or more sessions depending on the severity of the lines. In order to keep the result looking natural, he will smooth the wrinkles as much as possible, without adding volume to the lip so, the appearance of the person undergoing the treatment, will stay the same.

This procedure can cause a slight temporary inflammation, that will go down in 24-48 hours, and it could also occasionally cause some bruising. To keep the swelling and bruising to the minimum, Dr. Ferrando would normally recommend the application of ice, as post treatment care. He would also recommend not to drink alcohol and not to exercise the day of the treatment, to avoid increasing the flow of blood to the treated area.

Other treatments

Occasionally and depending on the severity of the lines, Dr. Ferrando may treat barcode lines with PRP treatment, vitamins, botox or even threading, however, he normally prefers using hyaluronic acid as it gives the best results while being totally safe.

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