Cheeks Filler

Radiesse and Juvaderm are Mr./Dr. Ferrando’s favourite product for the treatment of volume loss in the cheeks, sagging skin and jowls. 

Radiesse, would be his preferred choice, as it not only restore fullness but it also stimulates the production of collagen, for a more youthful and glowing look. Mr./Dr. Ferrando will discuss the best option for each individual case, during his consultation, however, Radiesse is definitely his recommended product to treat volume loss as it offer longer lasting results (12/24 months) compared to regular fillers, which last 3/6 months.

There is a fundamental difference in the way different ethnicities age. 

People from African, African American/Caribbean backgrounds, will see the changes happening in the deeper layer of the skin structure, having much thicker skin, with increased pigmentation, as well as a much more boney structure.

Most patients with dark and thick skin, will experience the ageing process with changes occurring in the deeper layers of the skin structure, which typically does not effect the skin surface. 

In Caucasian patients, many changes are seen externally, as well as in the deeper skin structure.

That’s why choosing the right filler for each individual is essential. The correct choice of filler will guarantee the best result possible.

A combination of Juvederm and Radiesse in Caucasian people is usually the recommended choice, in order to fill both deep and superficial areas of the face. This will correct the signs of ageing by adding volume, which consequently, eliminates the visible wrinkles on the skin’s surface.

Radiesse is a very good choice for most of patients with darker pigmentation, such as African-American/Caribbean.

It is a much more dense filler, which provides a better option when needing to add volume to thicker skin.

Radiesse differs from other fillers as  it is replaced by the body and turned into collagen, the substance of youth.

Dr Ferrando is highly experienced with this procedure. He has been holding many courses and he has been teaching other Doctors how to inject fillers and Botox safely for the most famous brands such as Allergan and Merz for over thirty years.

What is RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is an opaque, white colored dermal filler made up of CaHA microspheres in a water based gel.

It is an excellent filler which is ideal to treat loss of volume which causes sagging cheeks, jowls and it is a also ideal to define the jawline.

RADIESSE® is non- animal based and free from animal protein filler. It’s main ingredient is Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a substance that is naturally in the body, CaHA is part of what makes up bone and teeth.

Once injected into the skin, it works by stimulating the collagen production, resulting in outstanding skin improvements, within a few days of being administered.

Compared to other fillers used to treat similar areas, which only last 3/6 months, RADIESSE® offers longer lasting results, 12/18 months for up to 24 months and its benefits can sometimes be seen for up to 30 months after the injection.

Once injected, mild swelling and bruising may occur, and the final RADIESSE® 

result can be seen after 10 days.