Cuperose skin

Cuperose skin is a condition caused by weakened blood vessels in the face usually on the cheeks and nose. When we are exposed to heat or to cold or to different stimulants,  our skin responds by dilating the blood vessels in our face. However if these vessels are weakened they can struggle to close and cause longer lasting redness. What you see on the face as a result of this are the appearance of small dilated capillaries which look like a red spider web. Alongside this people with cuperose skin may also have red spots and have very dry skin too. Certain risk factors may be associated with the appearance of cuperose skin. These could be hormonal ( such as the menopause) stress, sudden temperature changes or the consumption of alcohol or corticosteroids. To prevent this condition always make sure your skin is kept moisturised and a spf is worn even in winter. Treatment of cuperose skin is usually with IPL intense pulsed light as this gets the best results.The effect of the laser light reached the vessels to be treated causing the blood to clot and close without damaging the skin thereby eliminating the dilated blood vessels.