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Periorbital wrinkles/Crow’s Feet

With ageing, the skin becomes less elastic causing sagging, which consequently, results in facial and body wrinkles. This occurrence can easily become a cosmetic concern, particularly when  ageing prematurely. It is very important to know how to minimize the causes of periorbital wrinkles (also now as Crow’s Feet), and how to best treat them should they do appear.

Causes of Periorbital Wrinkles

The eyes constantly move, they open, close, squint. Repeated actions such as contractions and relaxations of the eye muscles can lead to wrinkles. Actions such as repeated sun exposure and smoking can contribute to damage the skin, considerably accelerating this process, therefore causing premature ageing. As we get older, the collagen production slowly breaks down, which consequently causes deep wrinkling.


Periorbital wrinkles can be either dynamic, when they appear with movement of the skin, and are usually the result of overactive eye muscles, or static, in which case the wrinkles are visible when the facial muscles are not contracted and are caused by skin’s loss of elasticity. 

Being the eye area quite thin and more delicate than other parts of the face, repeated sun exposure and smoking, can cause periorbital wrinkles to appear as wearily as your 30’s.

Mr./Dr. Ferrando will establish the most appropriate treatment for each individual case during the consultation, and will advise which of the following options (Botox (Botulinum Type A Toxin), PRP, filler, laser, amino acid, nano-graft), will be most suitable for your specific issue.

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