Fat-Transfer, also called Lipofilling is a procedure which involves the extraction of fat from any location on the body (donor site), and its reintroduction into the desired treatment area. Fat Transfer is mostly used for rejuvenation and sculpting of the face, breast, buttocks, genitals (vaginal rejuvenation and penis enlargement).

By using your body’s own fat, there is no chance for an allergic reaction. Extracted fat can be stored and injections can be repeated for maximum benefits.

Fat Transfer can be successful in filling areas with tissue depression caused by scars, facial lines, erasing wrinkles, improving eyelids, cheeks, chins. It is commonly combined with Facelifts, Mini Facelifts, Mid-Facelift, Chin and Cheek Enhancement, breast augmentation (with or without implants), buttocks reshaping.

Lipofilling can give you a rejuvenated appearance and a much more masculine look (when intending to enhance masculine features).

The Fat-Transfer procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic combined with oral or I.V.sedation. It takes 2-3 hours to complete depending on the exact procedure required.

Mr Ferrando will discuss all aspects of the Fat-Transfer Surgery suitable to you at your consultation.

The Consultation

At the consultations, Mr Ferrando will take your medical history, thoroughly assess you, find out about your expectations of the surgery and will explain each stage of the Fat-Transfer procedure to you. He will carefully discuss all options suitable to you and answer any questions you may have. The exact procedure depends on the anatomy of the patient. Clear communication about your aesthetic goals is vital at this stage.

Mr Ferrando will also explain the risks of smoking and specific medications to you, as they can interfere with the procedure as well as the healing process.

Mr Ferrando strongly believes that “good communication and feedback” between himself and his patients assures a maximum satisfactory outcome of Cosmetic Surgery.

The Procedure

Mr Ferrando will extract fat from your body (waistline, lower stomach, inner thighs and knees) using a small sterile syringe and light suction to avoid damage to the fat cell membrane. The fat will be purified and then safely injected into the areas of the body you desire to have sculpted and rejuvenated. This injection process is done in thin layers starting behind the muscles and working forward.

This injection process is done in thin layers starting behind the muscle groups and then working forward.

Sometimes a second or third fat injection is needed, depending on each person.

After this initial fat transfer, you may be scheduled for several more visits, as the body will naturally absorb about 60% of the transferred fat.

The Fat-Transfer procedure requires no stitches but a compression garment and dressings may be applied to the donor area.

After Surgery – Recovery

After the surgery, you may a little sore and experience bruising and swelling at the donor area. Mr Ferrando will provide you pain relief medication and antibiotics to ease your discomfort.

You may need to wear the compressive garment for a few weeks to support the healing process. Stitches will be taken off 5-7 days after surgery. It is very important to walk around as soon as you can, to avoid the developing of blood clots.

You should feel much better 1-2 days after surgery, but patients are recommended to have at least 2-3 days off work to allow their body to rest and recover comfortably at home. Any strenuous exercise or activities should be avoided for 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Follow up appointments will be made for you after surgery, but if you have any questions, or you should feel unsure about anything, please contact Mr Ferrando and he will gladly talk to you. The well being of his patients is of utmost importance to him.

Although, basic information about Fat-Transfer is provided on this website, the best way to get answers to specific questions about your individual needs is to schedule a personal consultation with Mr Ferrando.

Risks and Side Effects
All surgeries carry certain risks and even though they are rare you should be aware of them before making your decision. Mr Ferrando will talk you through any possible risks and side effects at his consultations as they will vary depending on the patient’s body shape, age, condition and lifestyle.

Fat Transfer for scars treatment