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It is Mr. Ferrando’s priority to ensure patients safety at these unprecedented times. It is paramount for patients to feel safe, looked after and cared for during face to face consultations.

Mr. Ferrando understands the importance of maintaining safety during these unprecedented times. He also understands the importance of maintaining a reassuring, friendly and compassionate relationship with his patients. To accomplish this, he is continuously evaluating the best way he can safeguard his patients with regards to social distancing, testing and vaccination.He absolutely loves what he does and he especially loves taking care of his patients in the best way possible. To succeed at this, good communication, good planning, and the drive to do better are a must. If you have any questions,  concerns, and recommendations that you would like to share with him, please feel free to send a DM or an email.For consultations, he continues to offer both virtual consultations and face to face consultations.We will get through this together. Stay positive and stay safe.

Please do not attend your appointment if you have a new continuous cough or a high temperature. Please alert staff if you have, within the last ten days, travelled abroad or been in contact with someone who has. Please let us know if you have received your Covid-19 vaccination. Please follow 5 safety steps when you arrive at the centre: 

1)    Sanitise your hands BEFORE entering the consultation room.
2)    Put on the GLOVES and MASK we give you.
3)    Do not bring anyone with you unless you need assistance.
4)    Keep a 2 metre distance from the reception desk and everyone else where possible.
5)    Perform check-in when the Receptionist is ready to do so.

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