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Dr. Ferrando Enhanced Filler Gel Serum

Serum suitable for all skin types, it instantly smoothes wrinkles and evens out skin complexion. It stimulates the microcirculation, reactivates cellular vitality by redensifying the dermal matrix restructuring. With its refreshing texture, it is instantly absorbed, giving elasticity noticeable to the touch.


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Dr. Ferrando Illuminating Eye Cream

Thanks to aloe vera, oat and camomile extracts, this precious gel is an effective and natural remedy for dark circles and heavy and puffy eyes. Its unique formula, enriched with arginine extract, (the latest generation of peptides for the eye area), has a tightening effect which immediately improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, for a refreshed and rejuvenated look.


Dr. Ferrando Hyaluronic Acid Anti Ageing Rejuvinating Face Cream

Moisturising Cream rich in properties deriving from the comfrey plant: astringent, healing, soothing and decongestant. It invigorates facial and neck tissues, for a plumper and firmer look. Hyaluronic acid triggers cell renewal and repair action, resulting in skin vitality and elasticity. Particularly suitable for mature skin, its antioxidant action preserves the skin from ageing, leaving it soft, nourished, hydrated, compact and silky. It also brightens up skin complexion and it’s an excellent non-greasy make-up base.


Dr. Ferrando Enhanced Filler Eye Cream Set

Dr. Ferrando Enhanced Filler Serum & Dr. Ferrando Illuminating Eye Cream Set



Dr. Ferrando Hyaluronic Acid & Illuminating Eye Cream Set



Dr. Ferrando Consolida Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream, Illuminating Eye Cream, Enhanced Filler Gel Serum Set