Ethnic Rhinoplasty

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Whichever your ethnicity, Mr./Dr. Ferrando will have the necessary knowledge and skills to re-shape your nose so that it will be the size and shape that you desire.

Being your nose a part of your genetic heritage, like your hair and skin colour, it reflects your ethnic background. When reshaping and resizing your nose Mr./Dr. Ferrando will ensure that your new nose will look as if you were born with it, whether you would like to preserve the ethnic characteristics or change them distinctively. Mr./Dr. Ferrando has during his 30 years experience, gained the skill and understanding to help you achieve your goal.

Reasons For Choosing Ethnic Rhinoplasty:

If you are dissatisfied with your nose and you wish to improve its appearance, ethnic rhinoplasty can subtly change your look in a way that finds harmony and balance in your features, while remaining faithful to your background and heritage.

Also, while your nose may be functioning perfectly, Mr./Dr. Ferrando has come across many patients who are looking for nose surgery because they are experiencing difficulties with breathing, caused or aggravated by birth defects and malformations within the nose.