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Filler removal

If you have filler injected into your face and you do not like the results Mr Ferrando will be able to help you. As an expert in this field, he has solved many cases where filler has gone wrong and has removed filler even in patients that had very complex cases. The increased demand and growth for different types of fillers means that the complication rate linked to these injectables is also steadily increasing. Generally speaking, the body will naturally break down the dissolvable fillers over time however non absorbable fillers can remain in tissue forever and cause granulomas, deformity of the face, infection and reactions against these foreign bodies. Dermal fillers are injected by needle or cannula by a fully qualified medical doctor with extensive training and in this way it’s possible to achieve very natural results. But injection fillers do carry risks and practitioners must know how to treat these complications should they arise. It is also their responsibility to make patients aware of these risks and complications. Many of these issues can be resolved easily however complications caused by permanent fillers can be more problematic.

Different fillers are suitable for particular areas depending  on the texture and thickness of the skin and the depth of the filler required to correct volume loss. Different dermal filler products act in different ways. It is very important if you are having your filler removed that we know what product was injected so we know how to remove it. For complications  arising from the use of permanent dermal fillers surgical removal may be the only option. Extensive knowledge of facial anatomy is required to carry out this complex  procedure.

It is sometimes possible to remove re absorbable  filler such as hyaluronic acid by simply injecting  an enzyme which will destroy it. Other re absorbable fillers can be diluted and “ washed away” by injecting a saline solution.  Permanent filler removal is much more complex. Silicone is undoubtably one of the most difficult  products to remove because it spreads in tissue and can attach to the same tissues. 

Some permanent fillers, like AQUAMID can be removed with a particular technique with a special cannulas , whereas some others , like Dermalive , need a surgical approach with the access like a face lift. Both of these procedures are very difficult and challenging , therefore they  need to be performed by a skilled surgeon with high experience .

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