Post bariatric surgery

Body contouring following massive weight loss are procedures performed by plastic surgeons to eliminate and/ or reduce excess post bariatric surgery. Body contouring improves the shape and tone of underlying tissue and removes excess sagging fat and skin, resulting in smoother body contours and a normal appearance. 

Skin laxity and rejuvenation 

Skin laxity is part of the ageing process regardless of our lifestyle. For skin to be tight it needs collagen and elastin which are the two components of the deep later of the skin called the dermis. Elastin and collagen are found just above the fat layer. As we age we begin to lose these components resulting in loose sagging skin and over the years our skin is exposed to high levels of free radicals (caused by pollutants, smoking , industrial chemicals, ozone ) which is damaging to  the skin. A surgical lift such as a facelift or eyelid surgery that Mr Ferrando will perform will give you the most dramatic results although there are non surgical options available too like non invasive skin tightening procedures such as radio frequency, laser treatment or high intensity ultrasound . However if you have a lot of sagging skin these types of skin tightening treatments will not be helpful. Mr Ferrando will spend time during the consultation listening  to your concerns and then determine whether a facelift is appropriate. If a full face and neck lift is performed at the same time then the tissues in front of the neck are tightened and any  excess  fat is removed as  well. Please see section on face lifts and neck lifts for more information 
Skin rejuvenation as opposed to just skin tightening can also be achieved by the following non surgical procedures.
– Botolinum toxin  injections 
– Fillers
– Chemical peels
– Microdermabrasion 
– Microneedling
– Laser treatments 
– Radiofrequency

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