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Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary Rhinoplasty, also known as corrective or revision rhinoplasty, refers to a procedure aimed to address undesirable results of a previous rhinoplasty, particularly when a patient is left unhappy with the outcome of the first surgery, either for aesthetic or functional reasons, or often both.

Secondary rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures a surgeon can face as it requires outstanding skills. Mr./Dr. Ferrando is a pioneer in this type of surgery and has helped numerous patients who were left hopeless following previous surgeries. He is not only experienced in this type of procedure, but he truly mastered it, having helped some of the most desperate cases.

His ability to correct the altered foundational nasal structures which consists of the septum, turbinates, nasal bones, and cartilaginous structures (structures that are especially crucial to one’s ability to breath properly), is the very reason why he excels at performing this type of surgery.

If a person has undergone a primary rhinoplasty that left them dissatisfied with their appearance or resulted in breathing complications, a secondary, corrective or revision rhinoplasty should be considered.

Should your goal be to improve your breathing or better the look of your nose, or both, a consultation with Mr./Dr. Ferrando will allow you to learn and understand more about your treatment options.

It is fundamental to mention that Mr./Dr. Ferrando does not perform secondary rhinoplasty surgery immediately following an unsuccessful primary rhinoplasty. this type of procedure requires a considerable amount of time to heal.

While it is understandable that many patients who are unhappy with the result of a primary rhinoplasty, are anxious and keen to undergo a secondary rhinoplasty as quickly as possible, they will need to wait a considerable amount of time, and allow for the swelling and inflammation to fully subside before any corrections can be made.

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