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Tubular Breasts

Tubular Breasts are by definition breasts that have a smaller diameter with an elongated shape reminiscent of a tube. Their frequently larger areolas and narrower base circumference, are often compared unfavourably to resembling a snoopy dog’s nose. The condition can manifest itself in many variations. This may include the entire breast or just the areola and can result in sagginess or unequal breast deformities.

Tubular Breast operation is performed under generel anaesthetic and normally takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete depending on the extent of the procedure.

Mr Ferrando will discuss all aspects of the Tubular Breasts correction procedure suitable to you at your consultation and carefully examine and measure you to ascertain the best size of implant required for each breast to match as closely as possible the size and final shape of the other.

Mr Ferrando will discuss all aspects of the Tubular Breasts correction procedure suitable to you at your consultation.

The Consultation

At the consultations, Mr Ferrando will take your medical history, thoroughly assess you, find out about your expectations of the surgery and will explain each stage of your Breast Enlargement procedure to you. He will carefully discuss all options suitable to you and answer any questions you may have.

Mr Ferrando uses the Biodynamic consultation approach, a new interactive computer based consultation program which allows you to compare different sizes and shapes of implants in relation to your exact body dimensions.

Clear communication about your aesthetic goals is vital at this stage. Implant size, shape and type as well as implant placement will affect your final result. All these issues will be discussed in detail at the consultations.

Mr Ferrando will also explain the risks of smoking, the contraceptive pill and other medications to you as they can interfere with the general anaesthetic procedure as well as the healing process.

You will need to bring a specific sports bra to the clinic. Mr Ferrando will tell you about the type and size of the bra at your final consultation.

Mr Ferrando strongly believes that “good communication and feedback” between himself and his patients assures a maximum satisfactuary outcome of Cosmetic Surgery.

The Procedure

With their narrower base circumference Tubular Breast Correction surgery requires slightly more than just a simple Breast Enlargement procedure.

Mr Ferrando will need to relax the constricting breast tissue with a series of internal incisions, these will be made once the initial procedure required to create a pocket behind the chest muscle for the implant to sit in has been performed, these internal incisions enable the base area of the breast to expand sufficiently to accommodate the larger base size of the new implant.

Depending on the severity of the condition, there will usually be very little extra tissue and so in order to give the optimum feel and fuller aesthetic look, the implant is placed below the chest muscle, where the extra depth of tissue will help to provide the implant with a more natural fleshier feel onto which the now newly resized areola will be repositioned perfectly in keeping with the new breasts well balanced final appearance.

Once the implant is inserted into position the incision is carefully closed and a dressing will be applied to protect and support your breasts.

After Surgery – Recovery

You may feel tired and tender for the first few days after surgery with swelling and bruising in the breast area. This is only temporary. Mr Ferrando will prescribe you pain relief medication to ease your discomfort.

Drainage tubes may be attached to your breasts and will be removed before you leave the clinic. You will need to keep the dressing on for a couple of weeks. Some type of stitches are dissolvable and will disappear over time where as others will need to be removed 7 to 10 days after surgery.

You will be required to wear the recommended sports bra, day and night, for up to 12 weeks, to ensure the necessary support your breasts will need at this stage.

Patients are recommended to have at least one week off work to allow time to rest and recover comfortably at home. Any exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided for at least three weeks after surgery.

You will need to attend follow up appointments after your surgery but if you have any questions or you feel unsure about anything, please contact Mr Ferrando and he will gladly talk to you. The well being of his patients is very important to him.

Risks and Side Effects
All surgeries carry certain risks and even though they are rare you should be aware of thembefore making your decision. Mr Ferrando will talk you through any possible risks and side effects at his consultations as they will vary depending on the patient’s body shape, age, condition and lifestyle.

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